Hisham Youssef, b. 1959. Sculptor. Youssef is a self taught artist. His work in building construction, design, specialty fabrication and restoration for museums and individuals has given him a broad range of skills to apply in the realization of his artistic vision.

Mr. Youssef was born and raised in America in a spirited environment generated by his parents, an Egyptian and a Russian immigrant. This upbringing had a deep influence on the foundation of his artistic work.

His current work explores themes of utility and application of objects, experiences and people from the past.


I tend to work in bursts. Often, I see the whole, complete piece in my mind before I start. Then I have to create with my hands what I have seen. The completion of the piece makes my body feel complete.

Having a vision of the endpoint doesn’t mean I know the meaning of the piece and I am comfortable with that. The completion of what I have seen is what drives me.

My work ranges in scale from two inches to sixty feet. I work in many media but wood is my primary focus.





Would love to hear from you. I’m available to discuss commissions of art, special order furniture, art seen on this website or any number of topics. Email me at hishamworld at yahoo dot com.